Audio/Video Systems

Whole house audio/video refers to a centralized audio/video system that pipes music and video/cable signals throughout the home.

Home Theater Speakers

From in-ceiling and in-wall configurations to outdoor and specialty designs, we offer just about any speaker you might need for a distributed audio system.

Remote Control Extenders

Create your own system, or choose from one of the many pre-configured remote control extender kits. SecurITy offers a collection of Infrared (IR) Remote Extenders and Controls from Buffalo, ChannelPlus, Channel Vision, SpeakerCraft and many more.


Choose a system the supports the number of music sources you want to distribute through your home (CD, Media Server, FM Tuner, online radio, etc). Those sources are connected to the system's distribution amplifier in a central location, like a closet or media cabinet.

Volume Controls

Wes offer a variety of audio volume control switches, including speaker volume controllers, switchers and audio selectors.